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The NFL Game Predictor is a program I wrote to predict the scores of NFL games based on stats from previous games. I wrote the program in Java and it parses game stats from the web and uses them to build a model to predict NFL games. In addition to analyzing stats from games, the predictor also takes things like bye weeks and upcoming opponents into account. Originally the predictor used a simple linear regression model, but since then I have improved it by evolving a neural network to predict the scores of the games based on the stats.

The program has been able to pick games correctly straight up 65-70% of the time while picking games against the spread correctly just over 50% of the time.

Here you can view predictions for every year since I started the program:

View 2007 NFL Predictions.
View 2006 NFL Predictions.
View 2005 NFL Predictions.
View 2004 NFL Predictions.
View 2003 NFL Predictions.
View 2002 NFL Predictions.

If you enjoy this program, please donate some money for my work.

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